Shaping the future with biotechnology – winners of the Biophorie competition are announced

The winners of the competition “Biophorie – Euphorie für die Bio(techno)logie” have been announced. Class 12b of the Ostseegymnasium Greifswald was able to convince the jury with their idea “Bacteria that love plastic”. The panel of experts also found the proposal “Fuel from coffee grounds”, presented by year-9 physics and mathematics pupils from the Inda-Gymnasium Aachen, to be worthy of an award. From the individual submissions, the jury selected the ideas “Biobot as a tiny cellular robot”, “Decorative CO2 guzzlers in cities” and “Photobioreactors in wastelands”. An artist provided drawings to visualise the winning ideas. The Biophorie competition forms part of the “101 years of biotechnology" initiative, which celebrates milestones in biotechnology.

More information about the winners and their ideas can be found (in German) here:

Fig: The five winning ideas "Bacteria that love plastic", "BioBot", "CO2 gzzzlers", "Photobioreactors in wastelands" and "Fuel from coffee grounds" artistically visualized

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