Sixth call opens for Bioeconomy International projects

Bioeconomy International supports German partners (universities, non-university research institutions, commercial companies) that carry out international research and development projects in close cooperation with relevant foreign partners on core issues of the bioeconomy.

Module 1 provides funding for cooperation with partners from non-EU countries. Under this module, project proposals can be submitted for any of the five fields of action of the National Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030. Each foreign partner must confirm its financial commitment in a binding, signed letter.
Module 2 provides funding for cooperation with partners from Viet Nam. The Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) in Viet Nam will publish a parallel call for Vietnamese partners to support bioeconomy cooperation with Germany. The Vietnamese applicants must submit an identical copy of their outline proposal. The selection procedure in Module 2 will be agreed between the BMBF and the MoST.
Should you have any questions about the call, please contact:
Dr Veronika Maria Jablonowski – Project Management Jülich,
Phone: +49 2461-61-5083
Dr Christian Breuer – Project Management Jülich,
Phone: +49 2461-61-96929

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