Standards experts convene in Berlin

Biotechnology standards experts came together for two meetings in Berlin in January. First, the bioeconomy experts on the CEN Technical Committee CEN/TC 411 “Biobased products” met in Berlin to discuss their next steps. The committee has already drafted three European standards for bio-based products. They are now planning to closely observe EU activities regarding the circular economy in order to align the dissemination and publication of the new standards with the EU’s strategy. The experts will also be producing a brochure that will summarise the content of the norms in a way that lay people can understand.

Working Group 2 (Biobanks/Bioresources) within ISO/TC 276 Biotechnology met in late January in Berlin. During the meeting, the group finalised a draft of a horizontal standard with requirements for biobanks. The plan is to put it to a final, international vote in the first quarter, and for it to then enter into force.

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