Support for Plant Biotechnology in the Internet

The Brussels-based European association working on behalf of the interests of the biotech sector, EuropaBio, has started a campaign in support of plant biotechnology.

In the view of EuropaBio, scientific progress in agriculture has been delayed for far too long by panic-mongering. According to the association, progress is halted and people are denied freedom of choice particularly in Europe.

EuropaBio also believes that Europeans deserve more comprehensive and factual information about genetically modified plants and food, as well as the opportunity to decide freely on the basis of this material what they want to plant, buy and eat. As a result, the European association has initiated a campaign with which it aims to encourage people all over Europe to support freedom of choice and let their voices be heard.

Those interested will find information on plant biotechnology at, where they can also sign a petition that will document support for the use of plant biotechnology in Europe.

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