Working Group on Licenses and Technical Contracts Meets in Munich

Despite the Germany-wide flight ban, BIO Deutschland's experts gathered in Munich on 19 April for the meeting of the Working Group on Licenses and Technical Contracts. The participants first discussed the insolvency resistance of licenses. In addition, the group will decide on a recommendation for dealing with chain and cross licenses to be submitted by BIO Deutschland to of the new version of the proposed Insolvency Statute, which was shelved in 2008.

The group also discussed the reform of the EU patent system in detail. The ministers in the EU Council have agreed on a concept for an EU patent regulation. However, the creation of the EU patent will depend on a solution being found for the translation arrangements, which will be the subject of a separate regulation. Following the new Treaty of Lisbon, this requires a unanimous decision by the EU member states. Apart from the union's position on a limitation of three languages, BIO Deutschland suggests that the new EU patent system provide options for choosing between a registration in accordance with national legislation, in accordance with the European Patent System to date, and in accordance with the new EU Patent System. Maintaining the current European Patent System would allow the applicant (particularly small and medium-sized enterprises) to limit their patent application to selected states.  

The replacement of the position of President of the European Patent Office was also discussed at the meeting in Munich. Benoît Battistelli will take up his position on 1 July 2010. The position paper on the decisions by the Administrative Board of the European Patent Office will then be addressed once more.

BIO Deutschland members who are interested in further information are welcome to request a copy of the minutes of the meeting from BIO Deutschland's office. The next meeting is scheduled for July.

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