Working Group on the Bioeconomy Meets at BIO Deutschland’s Office

BIO Deutschland’s Working Group on the Bioeconomy met at the association’s office in Berlin on 27 November 2012 to discuss the progress made by the group and to draw up more strategies for further policy work in this sector.

The agenda included discussion on the impact of the parliamentary meeting on white biotechnology that had been held that morning (see above). This event was very well received by the members of the Bundestag. There was detailed discussion on the switch to renewables, sustainability and the presentation of (white) biotechnology to public.

The working group also discussed socially relevant subjects in the bioeconomy that involve the “major topics of our time” and now play a crucial role in the economy and politics. The discussion included topics such as obtaining and using biomass, energy efficiency, the switch to renewables, entrepreneurship, equal treatment for “large” and “small” companies, and funding schemes and financing options for reference plants used to produce biomass. The working group plans to draft demands based on these topics in order to lobby on the political level for environmentally friendly measures and to play a positive role in Germany’s switch to renewables, which is already underway.

The agenda also included discussion on how the Working Group will support the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection in implementing the ministry’s strategy for the path to a bio-based economy.

The minutes of the meeting will shortly be available to BIO Deutschland members. Please contact the association’s office (tel.: +49 (0) 30-72625-130 or e-mail: if you would like to receive a copy.

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