BIO Deutschland Attends EuropaBio’s "General Assembly": Intranet for All Members of the National Associations Council

During EuropaBio’s Annual General Meeting in Brussels on 24 June, it was unanimously decided that all member companies of the national biotechnology associations that are represented in the EuropaBio National Associations Council, regardless of whether or not they are members of the Brussels-based association, should be given intranet access to EuropaBio. In this way, BIO Deutschland members can obtain information about European activities quickly and directly. BIO Deutschland will contact its members about this matter and provide further details in the next days.

In addition, Andrea Rappagliosi, Vice President European Government Affairs & Head of Brussels Office of GlaxoSmithKline, was elected as the new Chairman for the next two years at the AGM. He takes over from Steen Riisgaard, the CEO and President of Novozymes A/S.

Jan Wisse, Managing Director of the Dutch biotechnology organisation (Netherlands Biotech Industry Association – NIABA) was elected as Chairman of the EuropaBio National Associations Council. He takes over from Aisling Burnard, Managing Director of the British bioindustry organisation (Bioindustry Association - BIA).

BIO Deutschland is active in EuropaBio’s councils on healthcare, agri-food and national associations, among others.

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