BIO Deutschland’s Working Group on Health Policy Meets in Munich

On 24 October 2012, members of BIO Deutschland’s Working Group on Health Policy met in Munich to discuss the topics that it will address in the future.

As the group has a new chairperson – Gerwin Winter from Celgene took over from Robert Schupp (also from Celgene) as chairperson – the meeting addressed current and future activities. The participants heard presentations on topical issues in Europe and Germany and then set targets for the next 12 months. As there will be a general election in Germany in 2013, the working group will try to approach politicians proactively in order to discuss the early benefit assessment of medicinal products, orphan drugs and the congruence of funding and market access policies for biopharmaceuticals.

Members of BIO Deutschland are welcome to request a copy of the minutes of the meeting from the association’s office: (Tel.: +49 (0)30 726 25 130, e-mail:

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