Biosecurity: Meeting of Experts at the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs

At the invitation of the German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, more than thirty representatives from ministries, federal authorities and industry associations took part in a discussion to prepare for the bilateral US-German exchange of views on the prospects and risks regarding synthetic biology. The bilateral meeting is due to be held on 23 February.

An introduction to the subject was given in two presentations by representatives from the Industry Association Synthetic Biology (IASB), who outlined the framework of scientific and commercial activities and existing and planned self-regulation measures used by firms involved in the field of synthetic biology. The framework for the planned exchange of views with the USA was established on the basis of the resulting intense discussion about the prospects and possible risks of synthetic biology, as well as on the basis of the existing legal specifications and threat assessment. It is planned that the US position paper for the bilateral exchange of views will be made available to the participants of the meeting at the Foreign Ministry; if necessary, individual points within the US position will be further clarified.

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