Biotech>inside 2013

files/tlf_content/nachrichten/2013/Logo_BiotechInside.jpgThe third edition of the Germany-wide series of information events Biotech>inside will be held this year. The programme, which is organised by the Council of German BioRegions in BIO Deutschland, showcases the wide range of biotechnological applications and their importance for society and the economy.

Biotechnology is now used in many areas of life. Health and food are already standard areas of application, but molecular biological approaches are now also being used in other areas of the economy and ecology, from production to renewable raw materials, which are changing as a result.

The topics covered by Biotech>inside range from career and training opportunities in this sunrise industry to bio-based innovations in consumer goods and the pharmaceutical sector.

As well as covering a wide range of topics, the events will also span the German biotechnology regions from north to south and from east to west. You will find a selection of the Biotech>inside 2013 activities and further information at

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