Health economy as export good – BIO Deutschland takes part in panel discussion at the BMWi

Mathias Hevert (Hevert Arzneimittel), Viola Bronsema
(BIO Deutschland), Maik Greiser (Atmos Medizintechnik),
Andreas Mihm (FAZ, Moderator), Heike Lange, German Healthcare
Export Group, Saad Baradiy (iproplan Planungsgesellschaft)
© BIO Deutschland

On September 7, the event “German health economy: Export success despite global cost containment” was held at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), hosted by the Health – Made in Germany export initiative. BIO Deutschland is active in the export initiative’s Working Group on Medical Biotechnology. In addition to keynote speeches and presentations, the panel discussed solutions that will allow high-quality products to be sold abroad, despite budgetary constraints. Viola Bronsema, Managing Director of BIO Deutschland, spoke on behalf of the biotechnology industry. The topic was also illuminated from various angles by medical technology sector representatives, a hospital planning firm, the German Healthcare Export Group and a supplier of homeopathic products. The presentations showed that each sector faces unique challenges when entering into new markets. More collaborative effort through consortia building was a key proposal to improve exports. Additionally, closer solidarity between the worlds of politics and business was considered an important prerequisite. Viola Bronsema pointed out that German companies can only operate successfully abroad when favourable framework conditions are in place domestically. Innovative businesses still need to overcome many burdens. Bronsema appealed to the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) to make improvements in this area. “Products that are ‘made in Germany’ must remain better and more innovative than foreign products. Otherwise Germany will not be able to maintain its top export position over the long term,” added Bronsema. The participants consider TTIP, the transatlantic trade agreement, to be important, but not critical to the success of the healthcare industry abroad.

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