New Working Group on Bio IT and Big Data Holds its Constitutive Meeting in Dresden

The constitutive meeting of the new Working Group on Bio IT and Big Data took place after the European Business Development Conference in Dresden on 8 October. The idea to found the new working group came from Martin Pöhlchen, who will chair the group. The meeting was very well attended, with 16 people from BIO Deutschland member companies participating. This showed the great demand for a working group on bio IT and big data.

The potential topics to be covered by the group were explored and discussed during the constitutive meeting. Possible topics range from the revision of transparency guidelines and amendments to legal regulations regarding medical records for e-health applications to the promotion of acceptance in society for big data in the healthcare sector. The topics will now be classified in accordance with various aspects, such as the extent to which they overlap with issues covered by other BIO Deutschland working groups. A telephone conference will be held before the end of the year in order to transform these suggested topics into action points and draw up a roadmap for 2015.

During the public part of BIO Deutschland’s general assembly, Iris Gleicke, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, expressed great interest in ideas on industry 4.0 and the role that biotechnology can play in this area. The new working group will thus allow BIO Deutschland to have a long-term impact on the contents of the Federal Government’s digital agenda.

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