News from the BioRegions: Discussion on the Use of Renewable Resources

Biotechnology is also increasingly in demand in climate and resource protection. At the beginning of November, BioTOP Berlin-Brandenburg organised a discussion on technology policy in Potsdam in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP), the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Land Research (ZALF) and the University of Potsdam, among others, with the aim of covering the key points for the future development of the bio-economy in the region. The main aspects are the development of technology and the expansion of the infrastructure for the use of materials, taking into account the availability of biomass and potential flows of material in Brandenburg.

Due to the great importance of the topic, it will be promoted in the future in an independent field of activity on biomaterials in the Joint Innovation Strategy of both states. The next step will be the development of a road map under the joint leadership of the IAP the Brandenburg Future Agency and BioTOP Brandenburg.

The presentations by the speakers can be downloaded at

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