Participation in the German Remuneration Survey and an Overview of MBAs

Nine years ago, some biotechnology companies started a study on remuneration (the German Remuneration Survey) on their own initiative. Since then, this study has been very successfully carried out on an annual basis, in cooperation with a remuneration expert from the USA. In this year’s study, BIO Deutschland’s Working Group on Human Resources negotiated a special discount of 30% for members of the association who took part in the survey for the first time.

The study on salaries is tailored to the needs of the biotech sector and resulted in intensive cooperation with those responsible for personnel in the participating companies.

The special features of this extensive analysis are that

  • it is constantly expanded and new positions are added in accordance with growth and changes in the companies;
  • the participating companies are thus provided with exactly the sort of detailed information that is needed in order to pay staff the going rates and
  • a valuable network of participants has developed, which is used often and in a variety of ways.

Only biotechnology companies are allowed to take part in the survey. The companies have to employ staff in Germany but the size of the company and the number of employees are not of crucial importance. The data belong exclusively to the participating company and may not be sold. The data is not available to other firms nor is it published.

In addition, the working group recently compiled an overview of MBA programmes specialising in healthcare/life sciences. BIO Deutschland members may request a copy of the list from our office, which will shortly also be available on the association’s homepage.

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