Statement by BIO Deutschland on the Federal Government’s Health Research Programme

BIO Deutschland is pleased that in the health research programme presented in the cabinet at the beginning of January, the Federal Government expressly mentioned the importance of young, innovative biotechnology companies in the development of efficient and effective medications and recognised their role in the necessary technology transfer from institutional research to the economy. The aims of four of the six task areas defined in the programme can only be achieved in real terms with the help of biotechnology.

For example, the contribution made by molecular diagnostics to the development of personalised medicine is emphasised in the research programme as one of the six action areas. A large part of Germany’s mainly small and medium-sized profitable biotechnology is active in this field.

With regard to personalised medicine, the research programme also mentions rare diseases. Many of the biotech sector’s medication developers are also active in this area.

Around 90 percent of all employees in the biotech industry work in research and development (R&D), investing almost half of their turnover in research and development activities. Biotechnology thus leaves even the chemical/pharmaceutical industry, which is also known for its intensive R&D activities, far behind.

Against this background, it is important that there is continued support for R&D activities, particularly in innovative biotech companies, also because there has been an ever larger gap in the funding of innovative companies by private means (risk capital) for five years. And it has been proved that it is these firms that provide the health market with innovative products, as the biotech industry often serves as a link between pure research and application to patients.

BIO Deutschland therefore calls on the Federal Government to recognise the contribution made by innovative small and medium-sized biotech companies. This does not only include programmes adapted to this end, but also the rapid and resolute creation of parameters that are more conducive to investment and innovation.

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