Web conference of EuropaBio’s National Association Council

At the end of November, the national biotech associations in EuropaBio (National Associations Council – NAC) discussed current European matters in a web conference. Natalie Moll, Secretary General of EuropaBio, began the conference by thanking everyone for their active participation in European Biotech Week, which took place at the beginning of October. This weeklong series of events was a complete success and raised awareness of biotechnology in all its diversity within government and society.

The participants also discussed the current situation in the field of agricultural biotechnology. In particular, the rejection of the European Commission’s proposal that would have enabled member states to impose a national ban on the import of genetically modified food and feed was positively received. Topics discussed in the area of red biotechnology were biosimilars and orphan drugs. Under the agenda item of industrial biotechnology EuropaBio representatives reported on the successful EFIB conference and recent developments in bioeconomy. The European Bioeconomy Alliance is to provide further input on this topic.

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