Position papers 2006


Conditions for the Development of the Biotechnology Industry in Germany Position Paper by the Working Group on Finance and Taxation

Biotechnology is one of the most important key technologies and promoters of innovation for this century and is one of the sectors that form the basis for a sustainable economic upturn. With growth rates of 15 – 20 percent worldwide, it is one of the largest growth engines for both the labour and the capital market.



Against the Targeted Prevention of the Use of Genetically Engineered Drugs Statement on the Law on the Promotion of Competition in Public Health Insurance

The Grand Coalition’s Law on the Promotion of Competition in Public Health Insurance contains many anti-innovation regulations that will further prevent the development of the German biotechnology sector.



Faster Availability of Innovative Drugs via Better Cooperation with Licensing Authorities Working Group on Regulatory Affairs and Health Policies

Many years still pass until innovative drugs can be made available to patients, even after they have already proved their positive risk-benefit relationship in clinical tests. BIO Deutschland supports the reduction of this timeframe by the promotion of national competence in the development and evaluation of innovative drugs and technologies.



Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research

Regenerative medicine is a new field of medical research whose aim is to use innovative medical technologies to cure, or to partially or completely “reconstruct”, diseased or injured cells, tissues or organs, or to support the body’s own cures.



Position Paper on the Draft Law on Genetic Testing and the Implementation of this Law Working Group on Regulatory Affairs and Health Policies

Companies that offer applied human genetics services and products are among those represented by BIO Deutschland. These services include forensic DNA analysis, paternity tests, and the analysis of molecular biomarkers such as genetic polymorphism (SNPs) used in applications in pharmacogenetics and preventive medicine (individualised medicine).



Biased Discussion on Health Costs is Harmful to Germany as a Location for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutics Working Group on Regulatory Affairs and Health Policies

As far as potential savings in the health sector are concerned, drugs are usually mainly mentioned as a worthwhile aim by both politicians and the public. Therefore, it is not surprising that the pharmaceutical industry – and hence the biotechnology companies as well – were particularly affected by the last healthcare reform, even if this is perceived differently by the public.